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Snowball Internet Marketing
Based on the Gold Coast in Australia, Snowball Internet Marketing is a passionate web and graphic design company. We provide creative design solutions and strategic internet marketing at an affordable price.
What is webEFEKTs?
To put it in the easiest of terms, webEFEKTs is a Content Management System for web design businesses. But comparing it to the plethora of Content Management Systems out there would be doing webEFEKTs an enormous disservice.
Website Design Tool for your Website Design Business
For the web design company (or aspiring web developer), webEFEKTs is the fastest and most robust way to build a website for your client. For the client (or website owner), webEFEKTs offers an enormous amount of tools to quickly and easily make changes to, and manage your website.
A Complete Website Business Solution
webEFEKTs is a unique product that provides an opportunity to manage your website business. Whether you are new to the industry, or you already have an established business, webEFEKTs is the solution for you! You could say that our solution is similar to a complete franchised option, but with a major difference. The difference is that webEFEKTs is a complete business package, offering all that you would get with a typical franchise (process, procedures, marketing techniques, systems etc.) but with the added benefit of only being a business tool. You use your own branding, your own website packaging techniques and run the business the way that you want. We provide the tools, ideas, contacts and suppliers, you name it... webEFEKTs has it.
webEFEKTs Features
Some of the tools included in the webEFEKTs system include;
  • Client management
  • Billing
  • Quoting/proposal system
  • Website management (create, design and manage websites)
  • ecommerce features (already integrated and operational)
  • Databases
  • Database search components
  • Components to integrate Flash, forms, custom HTML etc.
  • Much more...
Our system is completely non-technical, yet extremely powerful. It allows you to build and manage exceptionally powerful websites and integrate advanced features by following simple and easy to understand steps.
For more information on the webEFEKTs system please do not hesitate to contact us.
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